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Gal Oya Lodge

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Tailor Made Holidays & Bespoke Packages for Gal Oya Lodge
Gal Oya National Park
Tailor Made Holidays & Bespoke Packages for Gal Oya Lodge
Gal Oya Lodge
Tailor Made Holidays & Bespoke Packages for Gal Oya Lodge
Tailor Made Holidays & Bespoke Packages for Gal Oya Lodge
Tailor Made Holidays & Bespoke Packages for Gal Oya Lodge
Tailor Made Holidays & Bespoke Packages for Gal Oya Lodge
Tailor Made Holidays & Bespoke Packages for Gal Oya Lodge
Pool & Loungers
Tailor Made Holidays & Bespoke Packages for Gal Oya Lodge
Tailor Made Holidays & Bespoke Packages for Gal Oya Lodge
Gal Oya National Park
Tailor Made Holidays & Bespoke Packages for Gal Oya Lodge
Gal Oya National Park
Our Opinion
When you arrive somewhere to find that there is no WiFi, you have an inkling that the place is either going to be either second-rate or so good that the trappings of modern technology become superfluous and uninteresting. Google-free Gal Oya Lodge is definitely the latter.

Located down a winding, unassuming side road, Gal Oya Lodge eventually emerges like an great teak oasis in the bush. You’ll be welcomed with a fresh lime juice and a cold towel — nothing short of life-saving in the heat of this part of the island.

Everything about the lodge is as locally-sourced as possible, from the teak and mara wood furniture to the fresh produce in the restaurant. Our advice is to opt for the Sri Lankan options over the Western where possible as these were consistently delicious. Unfortunately, efforts to cultivate the lodge’s vegetable garden and banana trees are often hampered by elephants and other interfering visitors.

The lodge's friendly and attentive staff guide you from your room with torches and have a sixth sense for when you might need them.

Naturally, the lodge is all about the national park in which it resides making it imperative that their safari is a highlight. Fortunately, it absolutely is.

We recommend the picnic safari, which features a platter of drinks, wraps and mezze with a Sri Lankan twist, all rolled out on a blanket by your guides in an unbelievably romantic river setting. You can even take a dip afterwards, just look out for freshwater crocodiles!

It’s the fauna that make this place so appealing, but that also means you have to live with it. Don’t be surprised to find a frog in your sink or a lizard making a daring ascent on your mosquito net.

For those looking for something genuinely off the beaten track, Gal Oya Lodge is the mecca.
How Our Clients Rate Gal Oya Lodge
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Average Rating
Gal Oya Lodge is an ecolodge located on the peripheries of one of Sri Lanka’s most beautiful, least touristy national parks. Guests should expect a stripped back experience without sacrificing impeccable service, fresh food and a serene environment.

The hotel centres around a main lodge, which incorporates the reception and restaurant and opens out on the pool area.

9 spacious one bedroom bungalows adjoin the lodge via dirt paths (torches are provided) with one family-sized villa available if booked far enough in advance.

Each bungalow is a generous 800 sq. ft. consisting of a private living room and bedroom with a built-in king sized bed. An adjoining alfresco bathroom completes the experience. Please note none of the bungalows or restaurant has air conditioning.

The main lodge has a bar and spacious restaurant, providing both Eastern and Western cuisine. All meals are carefully prepared using locally sourced fresh produce. Guests can also enjoy produce from Gal Oya Lodge’s very own organic kitchen-garden.

Gal Oya Lodge overlooks a curved swimming pool that is set into the earth itself, providing the perfect place for a refreshingly cool dip in its clear waters or a leisurely recline on the surrounding cushioned sun loungers.

What to do
Gal Oya Lodge is known for its unique Safari activities. Guests can enjoy a wide variety of excursions - all accompanied by Gal Oya Lodge’s expert naturalists.

We offer the island’s only boat safari in Gal Oya National Park. Floating on Sri Lanka’s largest
reservoir is the perfect way to experience Sri Lankan wildlife at its best.

Gal Oya National Park is known for its resident elephant herds, flourishing birdlife and 32 species of mammals including langurs, toque macaques, leopards, sloth bears, wild boar, water buffalo and deer.

Take a walk with our naturalists and explore the forest on one of the many walking trails.
Jeep safaris are also available and can be tailored to suit our guests. We can also arrange picnics for guests so they can eat alfresco in the park.

Take a walk with the Veddas. Meet the indigenous Vedda people, an ancient tribe of hunter-gatherers that live off the land. The Vedda Chief will guide you through his ancient lands and share the wisdom of his people.

All excursions can be tailored to preference.

● Boat Safari on Sri Lanka’s Largest Lake (5 hours).
● Jungle Drive and Walk Through the Park (4 hours).
● Picnic in the National Park (Coupled with Jungle Drive)
● Morning Trek to the Top of Monkey Mountain (2-4 hours)
● Sri Lankan Jungle Cooking Course (2 hours)

When to come
Jan-May - green season, with chance of afternoon and night time showers. The lake is at it's fullest, amazing bird life as all the migratory species are in residence and stunning early morning views of cloud engulfed mountains.

June-Dec - dry season, as the year goes on the lake subsides and exposes the lake floor where fresh grass grows and attracts large herds of elephant. Best time of year to do boat safaris.The days are hot and the nights are cool.

What to bring
Casual cotton clothing is most suitable and comfortable, practical footwear essential. Dress at Gal Oya Lodge is casual. A hat, binoculars, sunscreen, swimsuit and sunglasses will come in handy when you are out exploring.

The remote location of Gal Oya Lodge is part of it's charm but this also means internet access is not available. Please bear in mind that due to this, credit card payments are done on an offline system which incurs a mandatory 3% bank surcharge. Alternatively, guests may pay in cash in the following currencies- Sri Lankan Rupee, USD, GBP, Euro.