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98 Acres Facilities

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Swimming Pool


Bird Watching

Bird lovers and wildlife enthusiasts among you will be delighted to observe that the 98 Acres Resort provides sanctuary for 27% (63 species) of the resident birds of Sri Lanka, including 6 precious species endemic to the country. Out of those 63 bird species, birds such as Woodpeckers, Babblers, Barbets, Flycatchers, Minivit, Chestnut headed Bee-eaters and Hill Mynas are the types of birds commonly seen in this location. Your stay at the resort will give you the opportunity to observe a wide variety of bird species taking residence in and around the area.

The Tea Story

Tea was introduced to Sri Lanka in the colonial era by the British and the daily practice of drinking tea is now a firmly established institution in Sri Lankan culture. The serving of tea among Sri Lankan friends and family is a true mark of hospitality. The unique 98 Acre Tea Story Tour will help you gain a complete understanding of how tea is produced, from start to finish. Take a walk in the plantation with the expert during plucking time and admire the deft plucking of the standard ‘two leaves and a bud’. Take a moment to chat with a tea plucker, snap a picture to reminisce later and then continue onto the factory floor to see the withering process and subsequent steps involved in making plantation fresh tea. Continue onto a great tea tasting session at the factory and then return to the Bar 98 or Restaurant 98 to appreciate a tea cocktail, mocktail or a delicate tea-infused dish.

Cooking With Chef
Why not try an hour long cookery session with the in-house Executive Chef? Advance booking is advised.