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Mauritius enjoys a tropical climate so expect to see a mix of hot sunny weather and moderate to heavy downpours of rain during the summer, to cooler more temperate conditions and less rainfall during the winter.

There are two main seasons in Mauritius, Summer traditionally runs from October to April, with Winter falling between May to September.

This is traditionally high season in Mauritius. The weather is hot and humid with temperatures averaging around 30-32°C. This is also the season where you expect to see the highest rainfall (particularly during February and March). In addition, the Cyclone season runs from November to April - these do not occur every year, but should one come near the island, expect some stormy weather (usually lasting a couple of days).

During the winter the weather is cooler with temperatures more usually between 20-25°C. The winds tend to come from the East and South East which can make the coasts on these sides of the island marginally cooler than on the West. The sea can also be a little cooler at this time.
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