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Hilton Resort and Spa Facilities

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What's Available


At the Hilton Mauritius the Entertainment Manager aims to keep guests entertained nightly with different bands and music. One of the highlights of the night is the ‘lighting of torches ceremony’ which is quite majestic and spectacular.


One of the finest in the Indian Ocean and covers an area of more than 1200 sq metres on two floors in a very Zen atmosphere. The body, the face, the hair and the mind are all the different parts which make up a person’s individuality. With utmost professionalism and in perfect harmony with nature The Spa Mauritius envelops you in a feeling of well being. The products used in the treatments are 100% natural and draw their restorative powers from the essence of plants. Aromatic herbs, pure essential oils, fresh flowers and fruits, mud rich in mineral elements and freshly crushed aromatic salts are the bases of the treatments.

The Sense of Hearing – The stereo in each treatment room offers a choice of classical music and other calm inducing sounds, such as bird songs and sounds of the ocean, to cosset the ear and create an atmosphere to your liking.

The Sense of Smell – A host of different scents titillates the nose, as each room has its own scent in accordance with the rules of aromatherapy.

The Sense of Touch – the expert hands of the therapists who have mastered all the massage techniques stimulate your sense of touch.

The Sense of Sight – the sumptuously refined décor and furnishings delight the eye. Every detail has been given careful attention. Little cushions in wild silk, frangipani flowers carefully laid on the towel rack, petals floating on water in decorative bowls, the caress of the subdued lighting.

  • Body massages (Shiatsu, Swedish, Thai, etc)

  • Facial treatments and massages with masks and creams

  • Aromatherapy

  • Body treatment with seaweed wrappings

  • Reflexology

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Vichy shower

  • A hairdressing salon

  • Manicure & pedicure

  • A fitness room


The term Ti Poussin means 'little chick' in Creole. This club is run by a team of professionals and is for children from 4-12 years. Everything has been specially designed for the little ones: downsized furniture, toilets and bathroom. For siesta time a specially decorated room 'Journey to the Bottom of the Sea' has been decorated.

The entertainment team has an agenda of various activities taking the weather into account. Children are offered a programme of activities where just as the adults they do not have to perform the same activities for the duration of their stay. They can at will, practise nautical sports and games, prepare their own lunch with help from the team and discover activities that mix learning and fun.