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South West

Standing proud on the South West tip of Mauritius, but with a sad history is the mountain of Le Morne. The mountain was a refuge for runaway slaves during the early part of the 19th century. When slavery was abolished in 1835, a police expedition travelled to the mountain to inform the slaves of their freedom. Unfortunately the purpose of the police visit was misunderstood and the slaves jumped to their death from the rock.

Considered one of the prettiest villages in Mauritius, Chamarel should be included on your list of places to visit. During your time here you will be able to admire the magnificent cascades of Chamarel waterfall, and it is also home to the natural wonder of Chamarel, the Seven Coloured Earths.

La Rhumerie de Chamarel is a rum factory where you can see how rum is made, showing how the different types of sugar produce the different varieties of rum.

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