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East Coast

The East Coast of Mauritius is considered to have the islands most beautiful coastlines with long stretches of sandy beaches and endless turquoise lagoons.

Some of the best beaches along the east coast include Roches Noire, Post Lafayatte and Bras d'Eau, all particularly popular for those who enjoy kite surfing and windsurfing. Alternatively spend time on the several kilometres that make up Belle Mare Beach.

If you are in the Roches Noire area you may like to take the opportunity of visiting the caves that were formed from volcanic activity that originally formed the island of Mauritius. The volcanic activity is also responsible for the numerous lava tubes that are connected to the sea and which have been transformed into freshwater springs - ideal for a swim!

Likewise when visiting Bras d'Eau don't forget to visit the national park. Take one of the trails, or the old railway line and head to the lava caves and the ruins of an old sugar factory.

Before leaving the East Coast, head a little inland to a place called Pont Bon Dieu. This is a little off the beach track, but hidden in the middle of a sugar cane field is the Pont Bon Dieu Cave. The cave is approximately 15 metres high and 20 metres wide. The cave is home to nesting swallows and wild monkeys and offers great views of the sea.
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