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Shangri-La's Hambantota Golf Resort & Spa Dining

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What's Available
Bojun hala

A Sri Lankan restaurant ‘Bojun Hala’ will serve carefully prepared local dishes. From mouth watering hoppers to indulging pol sambol and string hoppers. Taste the delectable local cuisine.
(Capacity 260)

Sera is an interactive casual dining destination showcasing the best of Southeast Asian and Sichuanese street fare. The vibrant menu makes use of fresh local ingredients, while the restaurant’s design was inspired by the famous hawker stalls of Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.
(Capacity 140)

Beach grill
Beach Grill is an innovative mobile kitchen set up in a large traditional fishing boat, with an open fire pit for grilling the local catch of the day.
(Capacity 24)

Giman hala
Provides snacks, beverages, tea and cocktails.
(Capacity 182)

Golf club house
Provides some of the finest refreshments throughout the day.
(Capacity 106)

Pool bar