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The islands enjoy a pleasant tropical climate all year round, and as they are situated outside the cyclone belt there is not much seasonal variation. The temperature seldom drops below 24 degrees or rises above 33 degrees Celsius. As one may expect in such a lush tropical environment, short-lived tropical showers may occur at any time.

The Southeast trade wind blows from May to September, with a strong constant breeze from the oceans, which can cause slightly rough seas. The weather is generally drier and cooler; visitors should be wary of seaweed that washes up on the east and south coast of Mahé and west coast of Praslin during this period.

From October to March opposite prevailing winds bringing calmer seas, ideal for diving and water sports activities. The rainy season is expected in December to the beginning of March during which north and west coast of Mahé and south and east coast of Praslin tend to be affected by seaweeds.
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