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Frégate Island

The privately-owned Frégate is the Seychelles’ easternmost granitic island, lying 55km off the coast of Malé. The resort is a member of the Oetker Collection and therefore among the most luxurious in the world; voted ‘Indian Ocean Leading Private Island Resort’ at the 2013 World Travel Awards. One of the island’s 7 beaches, Anse Victorin was once voted ‘The World’s Best Beach’ by The Times.

Frégate Island Private is involved in one of the most extensive conservation and rehabilitation projects in the Seychelles; in fact, it is home to the biggest flora nursery in the archipelago. As a result of these conservation efforts, Frégate is home to over 2,200 roaming Aldabra giant tortoises, tens of thousands of native trees have been replanted, endangered sea turtles nest on the shores and endemic bird species have been saved from extinction. Guests arrive at Frégate via private helicopter, which takes approximately 20 minutes from Mahé.
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