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Denis Island

The privately-owned Denis Island is the second northernmost island in the Seychelles, following Bird Island. The coralline island teeters on the brink of the Seychelles Bank, which plunges 2000 metres down into the abyss of the Indian Ocean. In 2014, Denis Island won ‘Best Luxury Private Accomodation’ in the ‘Luxury Travel Guide’s Global Awards’ and ‘Luxury Hotel- Best Scenic Environment’ in the ‘World Luxury Hotel Awards’.

Somewhere on the island, a bottle is buried containing the Act of Possession, claiming the island in the name of the King of France, though this historical treasure still awaits discovery. The coral reefs that border Denis protects the island’s ivory sands and has created a clear natural lagoon. Denis also boasts a historic lighthouse on its northern tip, constructed in 1908 and the only ecumenical chapel in the entire Seychelles archipelago. The island is 1,750 metres in width and can be explored by the resort’s many bicycles, which are offered to guests. Transfer to Denis is made by plane, taking approximately 30 minutes from Mahé.
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