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Halaveli is a lovely 5 star resort but is still a long way from the most expensive, and so we consider it excellent value in its class. Villas are very well-appointed, and all feature private plunge pools, even the 'entry-level' water villas.

Service and dining are top drawer at Halaveli: Jing restaurant remains one of our favourites anywhere in the Indian Ocean. We are also pleased to note that Constance have now introduced the excellent 'Cristal All Inclusive' package as an option at Halaveli, making this one of the best resorts in the Maldives to offer AI (see more details on the Dining page).

If you can afford to treat yourself, especially in one of the amazing Double Storey Beach Villas, you won't be disappointed!
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    Halaveli in its original form was a simple little resort with 50 thatched coral-walled cottages and very popular with the Italian market. Post tsunami it was purchased by Constance Hotels who have produced a stunning example of just how sophisticated a product the Maldives is now capable of offering.

    The resort has 86 villas comprising water villas, beach villas and double-storey beach villas. It is one of the only resorts where the water villas are the entry level accommodation. The rooms are constructed with thatched roofs and wooden/terrazzo flooring and finished to the highest standard. The water villas are located either side of an 800m jetty, the longest in the Maldives.

    As a result of recent refurbishment project, all the ever-popular double-storey beach villas now have a twin bedroom (with separate shower room) on the upper floor, replacing the old living rooms.

    The island has that classical 'D' shape with a beautiful, almost unbroken beach running all the way around the island, with two huge expanses of sand at the tips of the 'D'. By building man-made coral walls at the edge of the drop-off point means the resort has not had to rely on sand bags and groynes to keep erosion under control. The lagoon is ideal for watersports and swimming. There is easy access to the house reef for snorkelling without the need to take a boat excursion.

    Diving in this area is amongst the finest in the Maldives offering some of the best dive spots including two shark points and two thilas.

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