Scattered across almost 1200 coral islands in the Indian Ocean, about 450 miles southwest of Sri Lanka, are the Maldives. Formed of a 26 atoll necklace, spanning 800km from north to south, the Maldives offer postcard-perfect tropical island settings.

World-renowned as a supreme diving destination it's on most divers' bucket-lists (although it's astonishing what can be seen with just a mask and snorkel), while romantics have long been attracted by the "no news, no shoes" ambience and sparsely populated beaches. More recently new resorts have aimed to cater for a wider audience and there's plenty of options for families and fun-seekers alike.

Each resort, of which there are over 100, is its own island and varies considerably in terms of style and price, from the cheap-and-cheerful to the ultimate in luxury. We travel frequently to the Maldives, and collectively our team has visited over 90 of these islands - with so much choice, allow us to provide unparalleled specialist guidance to curate your ideal Maldivian experience.
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